Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bottled Up

Despite the dreadful weather, it's very cheerful here this week.  This is because I have been busily planning what to make.

Yesterday was decidedly exotic, with a large (for me) batch of spicy Chinese plum sauce being made, bottled and stored away, and a huge jar of Indian lime pickle started off.

I love the lime pickle.  It is something you have to make well in advance, but it's worth the wait, being sour, tangy, savoury and addictive.  It is perfect with a slightly richer, fattier meat in a curry, like lamb or pork, but it works with everything that I have tried it with so far.

The Chinese plum sauce is another "goes with everything" sauce.  Cheese, cold meat, even adding a spoonful to a casserole adds a fantastic burst of extra flavour.

The labelling quandary is being addressed too.  I wanted to find some pretty yet professional looking labels I could use on jars and bottles, and have sourced some online. Now all I have to do is perfect a way of printing all the required information on them, rather than trusting to my not-very-artistic handwriting.

Today I intend to make some more chocolate-covered ginger, as that has proved to be hugely popular.

To the kitchen!