Thursday, 23 May 2013


Good news!  The (becoming!) world famous Deverill Valley Catering Spicy Tomato Chutney is now available from Taste Deli in Warminster.

Pop in and check them out, they have a great selection and the chap who runs it is lovely.

And if you're in Salisbury, go and take a look at Hendersons artisan bakery, on the Market Square.  They're on Twitter, if you do that.  Look, here.

We're also going to be taking part in Amesbury Carnival on June 1st, or some of our produce will be at least.  We're still working out the logistics as we have some other commitments on that day, but even if we can't be on the stall all day we will be dropping off some of our goodies for sale.

We've been experimenting with making sweeties:

This is chocolate bark, dark with Macadamia nuts and cherries, milk with walnuts and raisins, and white with apricot and poppy seeds.  The white choc seems the most popular so far, possibly because it's the prettiest!

These are Jazzies, small(ish!) drops of milk chocolate with some orange flavouring, topped with hundreds and thousands.  My personal favourite 

Hopefully we'll be selling lots more of these over the summer.

Nom nom nom.

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