Tuesday, 13 August 2013


We had a bit of a first earlier this month.

We had two parties to cater on the same day, so Jo went to Mere and did one, and I went to Shrewton and did the other.

Fortunately, we have a few extremely capable and hard-working helpers we can call on in such circumstances, so neither Jo or I had to do everything alone.

I arrived at "my" party venue earlier than originally arranged - I did confirm with the hostess that it was ok! - and spent a very sociable couple of hours preparing platters of canapés, whilst the doorbell rang constantly and huge bouquets, gifts and cards were delivered.

It was fun getting the food ready whilst watching and hearing the musician setting up (he was excellent), and seeing all the various guests, friends and family arrive.  The traffic on the A303 was apparently appalling, so some people were a little late, but we were able to make sure everyone was properly fed when they got to the party.

Both of the parties were for significant birthdays, both hostesses wanted canapés, so Jo and I had been able to make larger batches of a selection of tasty bite-sized goodies, and then serve more or less the same food at both parties, which certainly made life simpler for us.  Luckily, both hostesses liked the sound of the menu!

The absolute hit of the party (for my part of the day, anyway) was the dessert canapé we made of rosewater meringues with Turkish delight.  We garnished the platters with pink rose petals and it looked fresh, summery and very girlie, which was perfect.  Some of the guests were astonished to learn that rose petals are edible (please note, we did wash them first.)

There were a lot of positive comments about the food and the "unobtrusiveness" of the service, which we are very proud of.

It's a joy to feel that we've helped make someone's special day that bit more special.  Roll on the next birthday!

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