Sunday, 10 August 2014


Yesterday we were at the Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home summer fete, with a selection of cakes, sweets, preserves, cheese nibbles and quiches for sale.  Oh, and the peanut butter dog biscuits.

Unlike last year, the weather was kind, and they had a coconut shy, a flower stall and a "running through the cones with a football" game in the garden.  We were indoors, sharing a room with the tombola and a couple of other stalls.

I won TWO prizes on the tombola. Last year I also won TWO prizes, a tin of sweetcorn and a set of pit-a-pat bats.  This year I won a pack of plain cards with envelopes, and a twin-pack of Spam.



Spam aside, we had a pleasant couple of hours chatting to the staff and residents, and selling a selection of tasty goodies.  And, as a bonus, there is some of my delicious mint and dark chocolate bark left over, so I will have some of that after supper tonight.

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  1. I remember when every other meal had spam and tea was bread and jam, butter being hard to come by...... You will never ever hear me say anything good about the old days !