Friday, 29 May 2015

Blurred sandwiches

Our most recent event was a funeral, where we provided a (mostly) cold buffet at a charming old-fashioned hall in a nearby village.

We were able to set everything up in plenty of time for the mourners to arrive for a substantial lunch, with plenty of hot tea and coffee, as it was a surprisingly chilly day, despite being mid-May.  We had managed to bring our trademark speciality honey-mustard sausages, and keep them hot in a well-insulated box, so people were greeted with a delicious smell as they walked into the hall.

Jo made her superb fruit tea loaf, which was devoured to the last crumb.

We provided a selection of sandwiches, cold meats, smoked salmon, veggie crudités and home-made dips, including the World's Most Garlicky Hummus, as well as the hot sausages, and barely a scrap of anything remained after the mourners left, which is exactly what you would hope!


Smoked salmon with samphire.

Selection of cold meats with sun-dried tomatoes and cornichons.  I love that the spell-checker wants me to use the word "unicorns" there instead.

Veggie crudites with a selection of dips.  The children who attended were very keen to try these, despite the garlic!

Jo's fabulous tea loaf. This was probably the single most popular food item we provided.

I took a picture of the buffet table, but it's a bit blurry due to using my phone (ineptly), but you get the idea.

We uncovered the sandwiches at the last minute and they were, I am happy to report, soft and fresh, not at all dry and miserable.

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